Seneca Park Zoo

Mobile Application

Skills Used UI/UX; Interaction Design
Type Live Project
Tools Used Adobe Photoshop; Adobe Illustrator

Context: Seneca Park Zoo, located in Rochester, New York, has a variety of animals and exhibits both entertaining and educational. In this age driven by technology, every institution should have a web and/or mobile experience which enable users to access information about the same.

Problem Statement: Create a mobile application which will help users book tickets, find routes and learn more about the events and exhibits at Seneca Park Zoo. The mobile application should get users to be more engaged with the app before getting to the zoo and while at the zoo, with concepts like photo contests, quizes etc.

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Design Process

The design process comprised of 4 phases :

  • Research
  • Ideate
  • Design
  • Test & Improve


  • Understand project requirements.
  • Visit site to understand values and goals of the organization.
  • Research competitors in the market by conducting SWOT (Strength Weakness Opportunities and Threats) analysis on their web and mobile presence.
  • Conduct user research by creating user peronas to find user pain points, priorities and behavior.
  • Understand target users by creating user peronas and empathy maps.
  • Gather inspiration which help set theme and color tone.

Photo taken at site.

Competitor apps screenshots



  • Develop user scenarios and user experience maps for any present user journey.
  • Develop a content model which enables users to navigate seamlessly and successfully reach user goals.
  • Sketch various wireframe layout options on paper.
  • Test functionality and usability with a quick prototype.
  • Finalize strongest wirerframe concept digitally.
  • Review design & usability with target user testing.

Content Model/Flowchart

User Map



  • Use wireframes to create visual compositions.
  • Use moodboard to finalize visual style & color palette, making sure the user goals are met.

Visual Style

Visual Style

Visual Style

Test & Improve

  • Create complete prototype on InVisionApp, PopApp, or InDesign (almost mimicking a real functioning application except for the animated transitions).
  • Test prototype with target users to gather feedback.
  • Using the feedback, improve existing application to produce final design.